Your skin is the largest organ of your body but sadly some people suffer from faulty skin barriers which leads to skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Developed with support from Fragrance Free Laundry Egg is our flagship product for parents or individuals who don’t want to use harsh chemicals on themselves or their children’s skin.

All of our products have been dermatologically tested which gives even more reassurance that our products are kind to your skin. Both our Ecoegg Laundry Egg and Dryer Eggs have been awarded the Allergy UK Friendly Product Award.



For years (yes years!), I had a rash and tried numerous medications and creams on it. After having a biopsy and ruling out Pagets Disease (Thank God), I changed from using the “clear” and “free” types of commercial laundry detergents to using the Ecoegg I saw advertised on HSN in December 2016. It only took 2 weeks for the rash to fade. I rewashed all of my clothes and due to continued use of my Ecoegg Laundry products, I haven’t had a rash since! Ecoegg Fragrance Free & Fragrance Free with Whiteners are the best laundry cleaners ever!
Betty, Vero Beach FL

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