Can I use Ecoegg in all types of washing machines?

Yes it will work great in front loaders, top loading and HE (high efficiency) washing machines.

Can I use Ecoegg with fabric softener or bleach?

Yes, it is completely safe to use fabric softener and bleach with the Ecoegg.

Are our Laundry eggs tested on animals?

None of our products or their components are tested on animals.

Rinse cycle – Can you leave in Ecoegg in the machine?

The Ecoegg is a completely different concept to using washing detergents which all contain soap. As the Ecoegg does not contain any “soap” agents, it leaves almost no residue on your clothes. Therefore, the rinse cycle can be significantly reduced, saving water, time and electricity. Some machines have a ‘rinse hold’ button, which, when pressed, skips the rinse cycle. If you are unable to cut out the rinse cycle, this will not affect the Ecoegg.

Is there scent on my washing from the fragrance?

Our Ecoegg’s were developed for people with sensitive skin and to be kind to the environment Therefore, it is only a “hint” of fragrance as they are natural fragrances, they are non-irritant and non-allergen. Allergy UK have tried and tested the fragrances, and are very happy to also endorse the fragranced Laundry Eggs. If you are used to a strong fragrance, then it is fine to use a little fabric conditioner, or alternatively essential oil in the fabric conditioner compartment.

Are the fragrances in laundry egg all natural?

Yes, they are natural fragrances, they are non-irritant and non-allergen, so absolutely fine for people with sensitive skin. Allergy UK have tried and tested the fragrances and very happy to also endorse the fragranced Laundry Eggs.

How long will the Ecoegg last?

The amount of washes you will achieve from your Ecoegg will depend on the temperatures used, hardness of your water and the length of cycle the wash cycle. The hotter the wash, the quicker the pellets will dissolve. The laboratory testing for the maximum amount of washes was done in 86-degree water (warm water) short cycle.
Remember if your machine will allow you to “skip” the rinse cycle, then your Ecoegg will be saving time, money and electricity.

The Ecoegg does not need “refilling”, until it reaches the approximate half way level in the ecoegg. This is an indication to add just one more pack of the mineral pellets.

How does the Ecoegg laundry egg work?

The Ecoegg contains a number of small pellets, and it is these pellets that are the secret to the Ecoegg’s cleaning power. The two types of cleaning pellets are tourmaline ceramic pellets, which weaken the adhesive forces between the dirt and fabric, and the mineral pellets which naturally ionize the oxygen molecules in the water, which then penetrate deep into the fabric lifting away the dirt and grime, without fading colours or damaging the fibres.

Why Ecoegg egg?

The Ecoegg was developed for two main reasons, one to be kind to the environment, and the second to be kind to sensitive skin. The Ecoegg does not contain any harsh chemicals including bleach, and is a completely different concept to ordinary washing powders. It will work just as well as a non biological powder.

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